Mission Statement

When you choose Companion Veterinary Hospital of Wayne to be your pet’s health-care provider, you can trust that your pet will receive the finest veterinary care using state-of-the-art technology and the latest in veterinary medicine. We strive to meet your needs for first-class veterinary care in Northern New Jersey with caring, compassion and commitment. That means providing you and your pet with wellness examinations, advanced diagnostic testing, surgical treatment and a range of other animal-care services. 


The entire medical staff at Companion Veterinary Hospital of Wayne strives to provide the finest medical care for pets in Wayne, NJ and the surrounding communities. We work every day to expand and improve the quality and scope of services, personnel and care. At the same time, we’re focused on expanding the hospital’s reach towards 24-hour staffing for medical care.

Community Involvement

Being an animal-care provider is more than operating a practice. It’s about giving back to animals and pet owners in the community. That’s why we stay actively involved with the American Veterinary Medical Association and the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association. 

What to Expect

Here is an outline of what happens when you bring your pet to the Companion Veterinary Hospital of Wayne.

  • Client and Patient Information – You will be asked to fill out a form giving basic information about you and your pet so that we enter it into our records.
  • Initial Examination – Your pet is weighed, taken into an examination room, and a veterinary assistant will take a brief history and may take your pet’s temperature. If your pet is here for vaccinations, the assistant will discuss what tests and vaccines are due. If you brought a stool sample, give it to the assistant.
  • Heartworm/Lyme Test – If you pet is due for a Heartworm or Lyme test, the blood will be drawn first. These tests are run in house and results are available in 10 minutes.
  • History and Examination – Dr. Spitz will next discuss any problems and ask pertinent questions followed by an examination.
  • Evaluation and Treatment – After the examination, Dr. Spitz will report his findings, recommend a treatment plan and answer any questions. In house diagnostics may be used to learn more with most results available within 30 minutes.
  • Estimates – For outpatient care, verbal estimates are given upon request. When an animal is hospitalized, written estimates are given on request.
  • Payment and Deposits – Payment is expected at discharge. We accept cash, checks and major credit cards. A deposit is requested for hospitalized patients based on the estimate.
  • Follow Up – Written discharge instructions are provided for hospitalized animals. Any recheck examinations can be scheduled at discharge. Our receptionist call to check on your pet a day or two after your visit.

Payment Options

At Companion Veterinary Hospital of Wayne, we provide the highest quality care for your four-legged family member. We also know that sometimes, the financial costs of that care can make it difficult to afford. Our clients regularly ask us about the value of pet insurance as well as installment payment options such as CareCredit and ScratchPay, and whether those are good choices for them. We strongly encourage our clients to consider medical insurance for their pets, as the expense of medical care can be greatly helped by having the right insurance plan.

Depending on your financial situation, CareCredit, and ScratchPay can be beneficial options as well. We do recommend reading about those services carefully when considering them.

In addition, we also offer online billing and payment for your convenience. At Companion Veterinary Hospital of Wayne we offer the following payment options:

  • Care Credit – this is a credit card specifically for veterinary care. Clients can apply for approval, and no interest is due if the balance is paid within six months.
  • Scratchpay – ScratchPayAllows you to make payments for needed veterinary care with quick and easy online approvals and some no-interest plans.